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Ed Rochfort

Product Director

Carrot Insurance

Ed spent the formative years of his career working in commercial insurance, where he developed a number of innovative products which used risk management techniques such as driver training, forward facing accident cameras and telematics to reduce vehicle accident rates and ultimately reduce premiums for fleet customers. This worked to such an extent that fleets that had once been almost uninsurable became profitable for insurers; with the customers themselves benefiting from significantly reduced premiums.

Given the escalating costs of motor insurance for young drivers, Ed saw an opportunity to use similar risk management techniques to develop a way of offering responsible young people a method of demonstrating their safe driving ability through telematics technology. In 2011 he joined Nick Corrie in forming Carrot Insurance.

Ed is a complete technophile and believes the ability to analyse and interrelate large datasets is the key to achieving better results for insurers and a better deal for young drivers. He thinks young people are unfairly stereotyped in many ways and wants Carrot to be the champion of its customers.

Ed R


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