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Meet Senior Decision Makers From:

  • European Insurance Carriers
  • European Vehicle OEMs
  • European Fleet Operators
  • European Government & Regulatory Bodies
  • Brokers

Networking With:

CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, SVPs, EVPs, VPs, Directors, Operations Telematics, Managers, Analysts Of ...

  • Telematics
  • Operations Telematics
  • UBI
  • Innovation
  • Infotainment
  • Transformation
  • Commercial Telematics
  • Portfolio Underwriting
  • Claims
  • Business Development
  • Pricing
  • Market Research & Development
  • General Counsel

Plus Suppliers And Service Providers Of:

  • End To End Telematics Insurance Solutions
  • Telematics Insurance Consulting & Guidance
  • Telematics Devices & Services
  • Hosted Data Cleansing
  • Expert Data Analytics
  • UBI Risk Scoring
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Mobile UBI Platforms
  • Data Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Data Integration Platforms
  • Safety Scoring
  • Driver Scoring
  • Mileage Discount Analytics
  • Discount Analytics
  • Actuarial Companies
  • Dongle Providers
  • Telematics Apps
  • Data Collection
  • Driver Behaviour Measurements
  • PAYD (Pay As You Drive) Insurance Services
  • Data Providers
  • GPS Sensors
  • Driver Assistance Systems
  • Wireless Providers

Agenda Day 2: Private Auto & Commercial Fleet

John Salmon, Partner, Head Of Financial Services, Pinsent Masons

Day 2 Will Evaluate Data Gathering And Analysis Methods To Create Best Practices For Integrating Telematics Data Into Claims And Reassessing Pricing Strategies To Reflect Driver Behaviour More Accurately. The day will also looking at telematics insurance for fleet collision reduction and data optimisation.

8:15 Chair's Opening Remarks

Chaired by : John Salmon, Partner, Head Of Financial Services, Pinsent Masons


8.25 Understanding EU Regulations Relating To Data Privacy And Portability To Provide Clarity On How To Ensure Regulatory Data Compliance   

  • Assessing which overarching EU regulations apply to the collection of telematics data from consumers and examining grey areas to understand which regulations should be followed by European telematics insurance providers
  • Examining how proposed changes and new statutes in European law will affect insurance providers to ensure providers react prior to its implementation
  • Evaluating how the new eCall mandatory installation from October 2015 will change data privacy and sharing with emergency services and law enforcement agencies
  • Investigating how consumers will be able to switch insurance provider and take all telematics data to a new company under EU legislation to ensure no claims and driver behaviour data is lost

Christian D'Cunha, Policy Assistant to Giovanni Buttarelli, European Data Protection Supervisor

8.55 Question & Answer Session


9:05 Hearing A Consumer Perspective On Data Sharing To Fully Understand Barriers To Telematics Adoption And Market Share Expansion

  • Understanding data protection and privacy principles to really determine what is the criteria that defines personal data
  •  Investigating what the legislative frameworks are around data and how this will impact insurance providers
  • Investigating consumer approaches to data sharing to understand what are the types of data consumers are willing or adverse to sharing
  • Determining the barriers insurance providers face when introducing the value of telematics to highlight key concerns and potential ways to address them   

Laurianne Krid, Policy Director, FIA

9:35 Question & Answer Session


9:45 Hearing A Complete Overview Of The Regulatory And Legal Concerns Over The Use Of Telematics

Presentation led by: John Salmon, Partner, Head Of Financial Services, Pinsent Masons

10:05 Morning Refreshments In Exhibition Area


10:35 Examining How To Utilise Telematics To Prevent Breakdowns And Maximise Security Through Improved Communication Channels With Consumers

  • Hearing how insurance providers have successfully communicated a need for maintenance on vehicles through telematics feedback reducing the risk of a breakdown
  • Understanding which common breakdown causes can be detected through telematics devices to evaluate to what extent breakdown averages can be effectively reduced
  • Assessing early experiences in collision reduction technology from fleet

Panelist: Nick Walker, Managing Director Telematics, RAC

Panelist : Jonathan Smith, Head Of Telematics Pricing, Direct Line Group

10:55 Question & Answer Session


11:10 Assessing How To Apply Data To Pricing Strategies To Build A Well-Rounded Picture Of Individual Driver Risk And Price Premiums Relative To Risk

  • Evaluating which key indicators need to be analysed when creating progressive pricing to ensure each driver is assessed fairly and without bias when creating or updating policies
  • Outlining how current pricing strategies can be adapted to progressive pricing to understand what methods can be implemented through training and analytics to achieve this
  • Understanding costs associated with changing to progressive pricing, and how this can be absorbed through new pricing strategies

Moderated by : John Salmon, Partner, Head Of Financial Services, Pinsent Masons

Panelist : Jonathan Smith, Head Of Telematics Pricing, Direct Line Group

Panelis : Charlotte Halkett, Marketing Actuary, Insurethebox


11:30 Exploring How Single Tasking Market Segments In Conjunction With Usage Based Insurance Are Merging In Order To Drive More Benefit For Consumers, Business And Society

  • Revealing a matrix outlining the available platform choices (OBD, Mobile, and OEM) and their respective services will be provided for reference.

JD Hassan, Director, International Business Development, Danlaw

12:00 Question & Answer Session

12:10 Networking Lunch In Exhibition Area


1:00  Investigating How To Develop An Accurate Individual Driving Score To Understand And Analyse The Risk Associated With Each Driver's Patterns And Behaviour

  • Assessing which essential data sets need to be collected and collated when mapping drivers behaviour including:

                - Braking patterns

                - Speed

                - Acceleration

                - Time of day

                - Amount of use

                - Road use

  • Evaluating how to interpret the data collated into a driver score recognised by the industry and consumer to create transparency throughout telematics insurance
  • Hearing how driving scores can be communicated to consumers to help improve the score through intervening in driving behaviour ultimately reducing the driver risk

Johan Wahlstrom, Professor, KTE University

1:30 Question & Answer Session



1:40 Evaluating How The Rate Of Fleet Collisions Can Be Significantly Reduced Through Fully Integrated Telemetry Strategies

  • Hearing how telematics-led collision reduction programs across Europe has reduced the risk of collisions from fleets and improve fleet driving behaviour
  • Examining how to measure long-term sustainable reductions in collisions across large fleets, to ensure telematics employed are creating accurate results
  • Assessing the latest technical advancements in telemetry technologies to understand the extent to which collision reduction can be optimised
  • Evaluating the algorithms used to develop a driving score to optimise the way driving is measured

Andy Price, Practice Leader - EMEA, Motor Fleet, Zurich Risk Engineering

2:10 Question & Answer Session


2:20 Evaluating Collision Reduction Technologies From The Fleet Customers Perspective To Explore How Satisfied Fleet Operators Really Are

  • Understanding why some driver behaviour telematics solutions fail to meet the customers expectations
  • Exploring the key success factors for a driver behaviour telematics implementation and achieving sustainable results in the long-term
  • Defining driver behaviour by using fleet telematics - one insurers perspective
  • Consider differing funding approaches to understand who should bear the additional costs of telematics

Nick List, Customer Manager - GI Risk Engineering, Zurich Financial Services

2:50 Question & Answer Session

3:00 Refreshments In The Exhibition Showcase Area


3:30 Hearing A Case Study From Fleet Operator Perspective Discussing How Telematics Needs To Be Adapted To Suit The Fleet Industry Across Europe

  • Understanding what fleet operators require from telematics insurance companies to assess their fleet's driving patterns, therefore highlighting cost-reduction strategies and training options to optimise the fleet's driving
  • Examining what fleets are doing to find new services on the market to fit their needs, and how telematics insurance companies can incorporate extra needs to increase adoption rates

Robert Lindsay, Driver Risk Manager, Balfour Beatty Plc.

4:00 Question & Answer Session


4:10 Examining What Data Is Essential To Be Collected For Insurers And Fleet Operators, To Analyse Overall Driving Behaviour And Effectively Map Fleet Risk

  • Assessing what key indicators both fleet operators and insurance companies need to analyse in order to assess a fleet's performance to ensure the best telematics product is being employed
  • Evaluating how to present key data to fleet operators in a manageable way, ensuring overall fleet performance can be identified clearly, improving consumer experience
  • Investigating how big data can be analysed with speed to increase reaction time to changes in driver behaviour and patterns to reduce overall fleet risk

Doug Jenkins, Global Senior Motor Risk Consultant, AXA

4:40 Question & Answer Session

4:50 Chair's Closing Remarks


From The Telematics Insurance Data Management & Product Design 2015 Initiative That Took Place In June In Chicago

"Great opportunity to network as well as enhance my understanding as to the state of the industry." Assistant Vice President, Zurich

"First time in this conference and it's amazing to see all the market development in one place." Massive and Digital Channels Manager, Suramericana

"A well executed conference touching all of the important aspects of telematics and usage based insurance." Assistant General Counsel, Progressive

"The knowledge and experience of the attendees and presenters was better than expected, already looking forward to next year." CEO, Safety First Systems

"LBCG was able to advance the telematics data analytic quality better than Telematics Update." Global Head, Telematics, AIG

"Lots of great cutting edge information presented in a comfortable atmosphere."Senior Pricing Actuary, Swiss Reinsurance


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